This is my site about my passion for reptiles

As long as I can remember,there has been animals in my life.
My grandad having fish,my father having birds,dogs and me in my youth having all kind of animals,when I was around 11-12 years old I was out catching my first domistic snakes and lizards here in Denmark.

In 1975 I got my first exotic snake, Epicrates c.maurus and then from there I started collecting snakes,lizards,, Became a member of Nordic herpetological society aka NHF,later going to Highlight of the year Snakeday in Holland,later Importing from Dick Goergen,Ernie Wagner,Bob Clark all USA in the beginning of the 80´  .I was to my first National breeders expo in Orlando in 1990 and have been back in US manny times since .I often goes to shows in Europe..

See you there

Today my main focus is on Pied Rainbow boa project, Diamondpythons & Ballpythons

thanks to a lot of Reptile friends who have crossed my roads..and still do

Thanks to my wife Charlotte &  my son Jeppe and daughter Katrine who puts up with my passion :-)

Rolf Mikkelsen, Hobby breeder of reptiles